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Micro Vehicles


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Micro Vehicles is a few vehicles built micro! The vehicles are great desk toppers, paper weights, are fun to play with, and a great toy to spark kids imaginations!

The set would consist of 8 vehicles. The vehicles total to about 85 pieces.

ATTENTION! Background model is not included just the vehicles.

The Micro Vehicles are...

  • Airplane: This high flyer can carry cargo, transport people and a lot of other odd jobs!
  • Ambulance: This Ambulance may not look very fast, but it sure can speed to the sick in a hurry!
  • Bullet Train: This flash on the tracks is one of the quickest ways to get around!
  • Fire Truck: The flames can easily be tamed with this rapid red truck!
  • Police Car: Those baddies won't have much of a chance with this car on patrol!
  • Ship: This ship may be slow, but it's reliable cargo mover. 1 trip for this is about 250 for the Airplane!
  • Space Shuttle: The Shuttle is like a bus for astronauts, going to and from the Global Space Station!
  • Sports Car: This is a speedy, smooth, and awesome ride!

All the BEAUTIFUL images where rendered by Azog The Defiler!

You can find him on Ideas here...


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