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Big Classic LEGO Flowers


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This is the enlarged version of LEGO's well-known classic flowers. I chose the petal colours that are most commonly used and that I used to use myself. But of course, these could also be made in other colours. Like the small version, the three stems have three different heights and are also attached at an angle to the enlarged 1x1 round base.

Why these flowers?

I personally like making small LEGO parts bigger with other LEGO parts. And this is the first version of an enlargement that I and also others around me are so pleased with that it is good enough for me to share on LEGO Ideas. Whether it is from their childhood or they are currently playing with LEGO, everyone recognises the flowers right away.


One decent challenge I encountered while building was attaching the stems at an angle to the base and that the stems are attached on 3 sides which made it very difficult to make an attachment point to the stem. In the end, I am very pleased with how it was attached and how sturdy the structure turned out. The petals of the flowers were also a bit of a puzzle to finish everything as smoothly as possible and make the right-angled corners.

I think many people would love to have this big version of the flowers and I also hope you will support me to make this idea a success. So vote for this idea and who knows, maybe it will be in your home in a while.

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