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Village in the Castle Ruins


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Our story starts in the ancient medieval times, when castle and knights spread out across the landscape. Our setting is in one of those castles. However, it is just a pile of ruins. An Archer, wizard, baker, farmer, and blacksmith set out across the rough terrain in order to find a place to live, and what they stumbled upon was this. The remnants of an old run down castle. So they planted some trees built some buildings, and here they are now!

Complete with seven mini-figs, this project idea is based upon the medieval times, but instead of just making another castle, I have made a dwelling place where a castle used to stand. This model splits apart into six chunks (See photos) and each one has a specific purpose.Perfect to display the whole large model, but for those who don't have the space, you can choose your favorite and just display those. 
This model has a huge story to tell, and it would be a great starter for even a new theme! It has around 1500-2000 pieces.
Along with the main model there is also a horse-drawn carriage for our wizard, and the entrance to this humble abode is a big round porthole.

I have uploaded videos on my youtube channel, building each chunk of this model, so if you want to see even more detail then head on over there! And maybe subscribe ;)

You've made it to the end! Thanks for your support!

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