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M-O is this small robot which is upset by WALL•E when its dirty caterpillars soil the immaculate floor of the Axiom spaceship. I am sure you remember it in the awesome film made by Pixar Animation Studios in 2008!

After many adventures, M-O helps WALL•E and EVE to accomplish their critical mission.


This project is showing M-O, after he jumped out of the bright rail searching for contamination behind WALL•E. It includes some details:

  • Rotating head of M-O horizontally,
  • Rotating arms to change posture of M-O,
  • Small part of the Axiom floor, including the bright rail.

To get a more realistic result, the eyes and the name on M-O's belly are made with stickers.

This is a small project with only 166 bricks, including a base plate 16 x 16.

I hope you will enjoy this project! Please support it and feel free to comment!

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