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Dune Buster


I have always had a fascination for off road trucks and buggies and so I decided to build the ‘Dune Buster’.  It took around 2 months to build and is made from around 600 pieces.


The Dune Buster is capable of almost all desert terrain and uses the deep grooves on the tyres to grip the sand therefore giving it the ability to maintain grip on even the most challenging terrain.  As well as featuring independent suspension on each axle,  it has a working 4 cyclinder engine as shown in the photos.  

I believe the Dune Buster would make a good Lego model because: it is complex but not too big and expensive ;  there is only one other Lego Technic buggy and it is very different from this one ; it has working steering, engine and openable bonnet and has fully independent suspension.

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