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Lego Architecture Busan Diorma Set

This is LEGO Architecture “Busan Diorama Set”. Busan is the second largest city in Korea and the largest port city in Korea as well. Busan is famous for tourism. Especially, Busan is famous for marine-related tourism, so you can enjoy many beaches, fish markets, and marine sports etc. And in Busan there are many famous skyscrapers and beautiful architectures as well. This Lego architecture Busan diorama set is a set that includes all these various features of Busan in one diorama.
This set shows various parts of Busan city in miniature size. I built various skyscrapers, architectures, mountains, beaches, oceans and many other features of the Busan as well on 36 studs wide plate. The entire diorama in this set is divided into four major sections.
-Nampo : Nampo is an old downtown area of Busan. The first part(the most left side) of this diorama represents Nampo region. Here, you can see mountain and tower. The mountain is called “Yongdu mountain” which means “dragon head mountain”. And on the top of the mountain there is a tower called “Busan Tower” which is symbolic architecture of the Busan. I made this tower with the 2x2 stud tile base that is connected with bar and put 1x1 round transparent plate for the tower observatory. And also there is a little pavilion made of 1x1 basic plate and round plate on the side of the tower.
Below the mountain, there is a port area where there is a fish market and department store. Department store’s name is “Lotte department store” and I built it by using transparent black plate covered with light gray tile on the top. And the fish market next to the department store is called “Jagalchi fish market” which is the most famous fish market in Korea. I built this fish market building transparent blue and black plate covered with curved white slope on the top. Next to this building you can also see a fish so that you can recognize this is a fish market.
-Two Bridges : Next to the Jagalchi fish market, there are two main bridges. The Red colored drawbridge is called “Yeongdo bridge” and the White colored arch bridge is called “Busan bridge”. These two bridges are bridges that are connecting Nampo and Yeogdo island. The Red colored drawbridge called Yeongdo bridge is named after the Yeongdo island. Since this bridge is drawbridge, by using handle and clip parts connected together, I made a scene that bridge opens to allow ship to pass under the bridge. And also there are two seagulls flying at the sky as well. I used transparent clear bar to make the seagulls to fly and used boomerang part for the shape of seagulls.
-Gwangalli : Gwangalli is the eastern part of the Busan and is famous for beach called “Gwangalli beach”and the suspension bridge called “Gwangan Bridge”. The “Gwangan Bridge” is white suspension bridge and is considered as symbolic architecture of Busan. Gwangan Bridge can be seen from Gwangalli Beach, and a fireworks festival is held here every year, which is the largest fireworks festival in Korea. I made the curved cable of the suspension bridge using four sausage parts. The sandy beach was made using tan colored tiles, and three hotel buildings were built behind the beach. I made these three buildings by referring to the actual hotel building at Gwangalli Beach. I also put teeth vertical parts on the ocean area to represent Yacht.
I placed the mountain at the very back of this Gwangalli section, this mountain is called “Hwangnyeong mountain”. There is an observatory at Hwangnyeong mountain, and the night view of Busan seen from this observatory is very beautiful and famous. You can also see Gwangan Bridge and Gwangalli Beach from this observatory. I made Hwangnyeong Mountain using green slope bricks and put some transmission towers on top, using the cone-shaped parts. The 1x1 plate covered with 1x1 semicircle-shaped tile on the top next to the transmission tower symbolizes an observatory.
-Haeundae : Last section of this diorama is Haeundae section(the most right side). Haeundae is a representative tourist spot in Busan and is also a place where “Haeundae Beach” whichi is the most famous beach in Korea is located. Haeundae is also famous for its tall skyscrapers, which is not only symbol of Haeundae but also symbol of entire Busan. For this section, Since I already made a beach part in the Gwangalli section, I made the “Busan I-Park building” which is the most famous and representative skyscraper in Haeundae. I built the main body of the building by using brick with studs on side and ends and covered them with blue plates and transparent dark blue tiles. I made 2 of them and one is big one and the other is smaller one. I located the big one at the back and located the smaller one at the front. At the front of the building, I made a small dock where yachts can dock. This place was actually made with reference to the yacht stadium in front of the Haeundae I-Park building. I also put teeth vertical parts on the ocean area as well representing the Yacht.
pieces : 487 parts
Width x Length x Height : 8.7 x 29.1 x 11.8

<Purpose of making this set>
Many city dioramas have been released in the LEGO Architecture series, but a diorama of Korean city has never been released yet. Seoul's Sungnyemun Gate has been released once, but it was a stand-alone building and not a city diorama. Also, Seoul diorama works as Lego moc works can sometimes be found on blogs or Google images, but other Korean cities have never been found. And I felt very sad about this. So I made this set. And also, The Busan city is not only the second largest city of Korea but also “my hometown city”. So I know about this city very well. This is the main reason that I made this set.
<Reason why I believe this would make a great LEGO set>
I believe that this LEGO Architecture “Busan Diorama Set” will be the starting point for the “Korean city dioramas”. I believe this set will be a great LEGO set because these kind of challenges will make the LEGO Architecture City Dirorama series more diverse.
Thank You.

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