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Il Tempo Gigante - The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

The fastest of all time! - Il Tempo Gigante.

The Bicycle repairer "Reodor Fälgen" and his friends, Solan and Ludvig builds their dream car to compete in the "Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" race. Il Tempo Gigante. 

The famous movie "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" from 1975 or as we in the Nordic countries say "Flåklypa Grand Prix" made a huge impact on the world. In fact the movie is even on the Norwegian Television every Christmas. The movie is also said to have inspired a young Christian von Koenigsegg to start making cars. Almost every kid (if not every) in Norway knew what the "Il Tempo Gigante" was (and what it still is) and that is why I want to bring it back in the form of a LEGO set. 

The movie was also one of my favorite movies as a kid and I would have loved to get my hands on a LEGO version of this vehicle. I also think that this would make an excellent LEGO set for all the (in some cases) now grown up fans of "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix". 

If you're a big fan of "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" this is your chance to hit the support button!

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