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Modular SF Chinatown Restaurant


This is a restaurant, set in Chinatown in San Francisco. It consists of around 1550 pieces and has three minifigures: a chef, a waitress, and a person visiting the restaurant.

On the first floor is the restaurant itself. The sidewalk has rusty poles near the street, a feature that the roads in Chinatown really have. There are also menu items on display under the window of the restaurant, which is another feature inspired by real restaurants in Chinatown. Inside the door on the left, you can find the restaurant, with a cashier in the front where you would ask to be seated. If the restaurant is busy, however, you'll have to wait in the waiting area, which has a couch for comfort. But if it's not too busy, you can be seated at one of three tables. A doorway leads to the kitchen, where the staff is busy preparing the food. Now, back outside, above the door that leads into the restaurant is a sign that states the name of the restaurant. This sign was inspired by the real signs for restaurants in Chinatown. In real life, they would be made of fabric and supported by metal framework.

Under the same sign is another door that leads to a stairwell. Up the stairs is a full apartment where a family is currently living. On the first floor of this apartment is the kitchen and the dining room table. On this dining room table is a vase of flowers for decoration, but also a toy plane that a resident of the apartment appears to have left on the table.

Up the next set of stairs are three bedrooms and a bathroom. The largest of these three bedrooms would be the master bedroom, although it's still not too large. In the hallway leading to the bathroom and one of the bedrooms, there is a built-in bookshelf, which I added for both detailing and also to allow one to pose minifigs there, because if I had just used regular bricks, a minifig wouldn't fit in the hallway.

As for the roof, it was definitely inspired by real buildings in Chinatown. The green color scheme and traditional pagoda style roof were all features that real buildings in Chinatown have.

I built this project to experiment with different building techniques and styles. I decided to base it off of a real place, just to make it easier for myself when deciding what to make the building look like. So I chose Chinatown in San Francisco because I happen to live quite close to San Francisco and have been there at least five times in the last few years.

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