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Eyeball Piranha (Space Pirate Raider)

This is a pirate space ship. It's flying position is 45 degrees from its landed position. As it takes off it tilts forward so the engines point straight out the back. There's a bed in the back for your space pirate to rest between raids as well as plenty of hand weapon storage. In my mind this would be a support ship to a bigger one but still capable of deep space travel by itself. It has four energy cannons to fend off any fighters that may be supporting a target freighter. The windscreen is studded on for easy removal of the minifig and there is an access ramp and ladder at the back. 

I've nicknamed this ship the Eyeball Piranha because that's sort of what it looks like. A nasty fish with one big eye. 

I've seen other space pirate ships and I wanted to have a go at one myself. I tried to make something as strange as possible. A kind of ship I've never seen before.

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