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Mini DJing Machine


~This is Mini DJing Machine.

This Mini DJing Machine doesn't have wheels, so this machine is fixed.



1 Minifigure (Minifigure Series 8 DJ)
1 Laptop
Mini DJing Machine




1. The wheels are speakers.

2. From the left side. This is smartphone. You can mix music by using various applications.

3. This is turntable. Because of LED, It is shiny.

4. You can laid laptop this space. Under the laptop, you can see the symbol of DJ.

5. This is turntable. Normally, many people use double turntable. When I use whole of them, they occupy too much space. So I use one of them.


You can make the band, using by Mini DJing Machine.


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Thank you


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3rd Creation : Mini Hat Kiosk

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