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Upside Down House

The idea of the Upside down House came after one of our vacations, because we saw a real Upside down House where everything was upside down, walking around the house I got quite interesting feelings, I felt dizzy, tripped, etc. It was surprising how accustomed we are to what is where in a house, and how it can confuse our senses when something is somewhere else.
Even when I took photos of my Lego house, the feelings came back.
It was not easy to figure out how the house will stand on top, I tried several versions and now it is stable. By the way, the house can also be used in its normal form, you can play with it in several functions. I’ve never seen a lego set like this before, so I think it’s unique, it has a lot of possibilities.
Thank you for watching and maybe supporting me in this hobby that I really enjoy.

Made using 764 plus 3 minifigures
The planning took about 2 weeks after I had the idea, of course I didn’t think about it all day, but a lot. The construction took place over several evenings as I had time, because I am the father of 2 beautiful little girls who expect my attention.
I think Lego is one of the most creative toys I’ve ever seen, anything you can make of it is only limited by your imagination. This Upside Down House was born from my imagination, I hope you will like it.

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