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Blacktron I: Raider VIII


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There will be a comeback of Classic Space, and I am making a series of projects to this end. This is but the first installment in said series.

You heard me. WE WILL BRING IT BACK!!!

This is the Raider VIII. It is Blacktron's primary ground assault vehicle. It is a mobile base of sorts. It's got a few key features, and they are:
  • 8 wheels, paired up on 4 (2 left, 2 right) rocker suspension systems
  • A secret bay with 2 robots (it's under a double sliding hatch that's got the logo on it)
  • Twin rotating laser cannon turrets
  • A hinged roof and windshield for the main cockpit
  • Removable canopy for the top part (that's the turret control)

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