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Among Us Weapons Room, the Skeld

     Among Us is a game where up to ten players are trying to run a ship, or base. Each crewmate goes around and does his or her tasks in order to help the whole group fill up the tasks bar completely and win the game! But there's a twists. One of the players is actually an impostor, and they are trying to sabotage the other players without getting caught... So beware! 

     In order to celebrate this immensely popular game, i've recreated my favorite, and arguably the coolest room in the skeld map, the weapons room. This room has three tasks, including power diverter, asteroids, and or course... that annoying data download. This project (obviously) includes all three, but also includes other features that make it such a cool room. For instance, i've made sure to replicate all the details underneath the main walkway, with the magenta tubing, made from a lego friends slide, and other bits such as wires, antennae, and because in the game, not all of the walls can be seen, I put two big fans on them, maybe for circulating oxygen. 

     Now... if you happen to be the impostor, i've got you covered. The door can open and close no matter how annoyed the crewmates get, but it can also come off completely for those of you who would like to keep the nice slope of the walls when its on display. Next up, we have the vent. All the LEGO among us mocs, and lego ideas project have these, and some even open, but none actually let you put the impostor down them to disappear from the crime scene. This one does. There is a small chute that the character can be put down, and voila, nobody will ever know!

     To show you the ins and outs of this entire build, how to build all the characters that i've included, and to show you just how awesome it really is, here is a video reveal! Make sure to support, check out my channel, and enjoy the build!

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