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Exobiology I

Four animalian species observed and catalogued by the SSS Sebastiao during its exploration of the HOL-700 and HOL-702 systems, these models are based on recovered specimens and not representative of actual size, and due to the brief period of observation and nature of recovery, their various levels of sapience, while clearly differing, is not yet well understood.

Custos Sphaera (common: fortune teller, bubbleshrimp)

The apparent large water droplet carried on this docile grazer's back is actually covered by a thin transparent membrane and contains several fluids essential for their metabolism and digestion, the latter taking place in the feather like projections on their ventral side. The cones are believed to emit and receive pheremone signals.

Calathus Erythranthus (common: green panther, brain sucker)

Solitary hunters who have evolved to blend in with the lush vegetation of their fetid home world and leave their eggs in discarded prey. In addition to housing sensory organs, the vibrant "blossoms" around their proboscis are thought to act as a lure. This specimen was the most degraded, having required substantial injury to subdue, and there may be slight inaccuracies in its reconstruction.

Spiculus Frumentis (common: porcucrab, cornhead)

The most social of this group, living in vast colonies in shallow swamps which they constantly expand by feeding on roots which further softens the soil. They are immune to the effects of their venomous spikes, which are constantly breaking off and re-growing, and which can even be picked up by others if they become stuck, fusing to the new body.

Elephoides Oculatus (elephantmen, specks)

The most technologically advanced of this group, using bone tools and herbal medicines, it seems that their unique 360-degree vision capabilities and imposing frame have allowed them to develop a complex agriculture-based society despite the harsh selection pressures of their home world. This specimen was reportedly not acquired but joined the expedition of its own volition, unfortunately expiring of unknown causes on the return journey to Earth.

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I tried to make these weird but if I do another set it will be even weirder hopefully. The Latin names are still under revision as I'm not sure they're quite right.

I thought this would be a cool way to theme a set of "monsters" but where they're really just animals, or maybe more than that. It always bugged me how the aliens in the space police sets were always the bad guys. I've never seen a UFO but I hope we get some evidence in my lifetime because I want to believe.

Thanks for viewing!

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