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Calling All LEGO Maniacs!

Hey there LEGO Maniacs! Flash back to the 1990s with this model of the one and only LEGO Maniac! Gracing the pages of the Mania Magazine was this iconic figure who guided each kid through countless sets, instructions, kid creations, comics, and catalogues. Every front page of the early Mania Magazines had the Maniac in the corner spinning the iconic 2X4 red brick, and he appeared throughout the publication in various forms. He is modeled here in brick form with a functioning spinning 2X4 brick sitting atop an open Mania Magazine.

I created this model because the Mania Magazine was one of my prized possessions as a child, and back then I thought the Maniac was so lucky to have access to all those wonderful sets and adventures! I spent many hours daydreaming and pouring over those pages and fondly hold those memories still. I wanted to create the Maniac in bricks so that I could have a more tangible realization of that nostalgic era and give others the opportunity to hopefully see that as a real set.

I think this would make a great set for all ages due to the iconic figure as well as the ability to actually spin the brick just like on the front cover! I hope this brings joy and smiles to those who remember those times and the same feelings to those who enjoy the legacy of the Manic today. Thank you for looking and I appreciate your support and comments!

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