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Gingerbread House


Where does the Gingerbread man live?  In a gingerbread house of course.  Complete with a fireplace and Holiday Feast! Enjoy a glass of hot chocolate on the couch watching the kittens play. Relax and read your Christmas cards.  Explore the country side in a sleigh waiting outside your door.  And when your winter adventure is all done fall asleep in your cozy upstairs bedroom.

The roof comes off in 2 pieces and easily reassembles.  The 2nd story bedroom is also removable for easy access to the main floor of the house for easy play.  This is a highly detailed set that is just fun to look at and also plenty of accessories for playability.  This set would be a perfect addition to the winter holiday sets already available or to start your own winter wonderland.  The set would include the gingerbread man and the sleigh driver mini-figure.  Also included are 2 cute cats and a little mouse and the sleigh horse.

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