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Duel on the Invisible Hand


Rescue Chancellor Palpatine from the invisible hand and duel Count Dooku. This set has never been made before, so support it if you think it should. The mini figures included are:                                                                                

-Anakin Skywalker (from 75038: Jedi Interceptor)                                  

-Obi Wan Kenobi (from 75040: General Grievous's Wheel Bike)            

-Chancellor Palpatine (from 75044: Droid Tri-Fighter)                            

-Count Dooku (from 75017: Duel on Geonosis)                                      

-Two super battle droids

There were some things that I wasn't able to do on LDD:

-Hinge the lights on the two sides: they would be hinged like the ones in the Final Duel.

-Put a rotating plate under Palpatine's chair (that brick isn't in LDD)

-Put stickers of pipes on the wall under the stairs (like in the movie)

The table's hard to see because it's the same colour as the floor but it's in the centre. 





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