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Whistling Past the Old Orc Watch Tower Through the Ancient Bog


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Far off screams, creepy critters and foreboding enemies dwell within the bog. You may walk past the ancient and decrepit watch tower, but you dare not stop, for foul air wafts and watchful evil eyes glare as you go past. Take care not to drop your battle ax, or you'll find yourself running for your life through the thick mud and host of dangerous creepy crawlies.

I built this because I really wanted to create something that felt ancient, decrepit and forgotten. The key was to put as much texture I could into a believable medieval architecture while allowing the building itself tell a story. 

This would make a great LEGO set, using parts efficiently, but still creating as much detail as possible to really complete the building as a character. This was an extremely fun way to bring back a forgotten tribe from the castle series and give them a more threatening presence - giving need for the kingdom to build more high walls and equip more knights to protect their people, and possibly reboot the series to a new generation. 

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