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Stargate Sg1 Off-World Exploration


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TEK'MA'TE Stargate fans!

I bring you this little Stargate SG1 diorama set in the hope that it will become an official set and that it can fulfill the expectations of the many fans of the franchise who, like me, are waiting for this dream to come true.

This set contains the Stargate with its 39 glyphs and a multitude of graphic details, as well as a DHD, 5 minifigures and 7 replicators.

The minifigures are those of Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and a Snake Guard.

In accessories, you will find the faithful MALP, a ZPM, 2 goa'uld staff weapons, 2 TER, a camera, a tablet in the language of the Ancients,

I hope you will enjoy this proposal and that you will vote in numbers. After all, we are millions of fans around the world, our favorite series deserves 10,000 votes, right?

Thanks in advance!
We meet at the finish.

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