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Baby Bunny


This is a model of a simple and cute bunny sculpture using Lego.

This model is similar in style to the Lego architecture series. The form is simple and abstract, rather than realistic. This style fits the trend in modern toys and video games, which are created using a very low fidelity, blocky, retro style. Emphisizing style over realism gives the model the look of a sculpture, with a unique character all its own.

The model was built freestyle, using available blocks from many different kits. Working like a sculptor vs an engineer to create a simple, yet organic form. The overall form gives an impression of an almost pixalated image of a cute bunny doodle. The proportions make it look like a cartoon character, in Lego form.

This model could certainly be expanded into a range of cute, chunky characters. Other simple animal models could be created with a similar form to encourage kids (and grown-ups!) to experiment with Lego as a medium for sculpture. It's challenging to create organic forms using blocks, but this model shows it can be done with some creativity. These kits would provide artists with a simple set of blocks, techniques and patterns to create further medium and large scale sculptures that would normally be created using clay or some other medium.

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