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Candy Land


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As a kid, I always enjoyed castles, playgrounds, and of course, candy, but my favorite thing to do was play imagination with my older sister. One of our favorite things to imagine was a land made completely of candy. The houses there are gingerbread with frosted roofs decorated with colorful gumdrops and hard candies.The interior has donut sofas complemented with fruit roll-up rugs, and chocolate chairs surround a large oreo cookie, that serves as a table.

We would have a blast pretending to play ball with a bubble gum and then chase each other up the lollipop stairs and down the cinnamon candy slide into a pool filled with karo syrup. Winding down, we would sit at the chocolate chip cookie table in the back and gaze at the cotton candy clouds above.

Special features include: open-close roof, rocking see-saw, and spinning wheel.

Please help my dream land come true by supporting this build and sharing the joy and imagination with your friends. Thank you!

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