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Police Chases - Criminals on the run!

Hello, this is my new idea for Cuusoo: Police Chases. This idea is meant for every child that loves some action!

The policeman is eating a donut in the donut shop while two criminals cross over with lots of stolen money from a bank. The police officer sees this and the chase has started!

It contains a really fast muscle car, a motorcycle, a police car, a donut shop and four minifigs! It consists of 420 parts and everything is in perfect minifig scale.

This is the motorcycle with a little rusty trailer full of money.

Here you can see the police car and the muscle car. I have used the police car model from the LEGO Batman 2 videogame for this because it looked so good! But I have changed almost every detail, so you can't really recognize it. But other then that, this whole set is 100% my design.

This is the donut shop, with a pink donut on top.

Here you can see the minifigs. Two criminals, one police officer and the lady from the donut shop.

Well that's it and I hope you like it!

I have worked really hard on this creation and I really hope that it will be a real LEGO set someday...

So please people... Support!

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