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The traditional German Christmas pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide) made out of LEGO :)

I had one of these bought from my father when I was a kid and I still remember how much I loved it so I decided to recreate it with LEGO..!

I have also put power functions and the layers are turning around like the real Weihnachtspyramide.

At the moment I dont have a large motor so I used a small one, thats why you see a bit of lagging at its movement while it turns around. With a large motor I am sure the movement will be smooth.

I have ordered a large motor and I will i keep you updated if I am going to modify it.

The base has attached various Christmas decorations.

At the ground floor we can see the three magi.

At first floor we have The Nativity scene.

At 2nd floor we have angels rejoicing in heaven.

At 3rd floor we have the Star.

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