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After saving Stormer from the attack of Von Nebula, Brainax is the only parasitic Brain to become a Hero and be part of the Alpha team of Hero Factory and is ready to defeat any and all criminals who would threaten the galaxy. The story below is canon to the Hero factory franchise

Codename Brainax

It was Dawn at Hero Factory and Brainax was waiting for his next mission while he was recharging his Hero Core.

Brainax: I hope Zib is ready to tell me about my next mission.

After Brainax recharged his Hero Core, Zib was ready to tell Brainax about his next mission.

Zib: Alright Brainax, your mission is to go to the constructoin site for our new location for Hero Factory and catch Meltdown, Xplode, and Rotor before they destroy our hard work.

Brainax: YES SIR!

Before Brainax left for his mission, he asked Stormer and Furno if want to go with him.\

Brainax: Stormer, Furno, do you guys want to help me catch Rotor, Xplode, and Meltdown?

Stormer and Furno: Yes we will go with you.

After the three Heroes left for the construction site for the new location for Hero Factory, Meltdown, Xplode and Rotor attacked them.

Xplode: So nice to see you again Stormer.

Meltdown: We just wanted to destroy you meddling heroes.

Rotor: Try to catch me!

The three heroes battled the three criminals for three hours, Brainax threw Zib's new hero cuffs at all three of the criminals.

Brainax: That was a piece of cake and thank you Stromer and Furno for going with me on this mission.

Stormer: No problem Brainax, just like the time when you saved me from Von Nebula's Core Destroyer 6000!

Furno: Time for us to take those criminals back to Jail.

Three days later, the new Hero Factory location opened and Brainax, Stormer, and Furno were given golden Hero Cores for their brave deeds.

The End.

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