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Roman Village


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Salvete ut viatorum. Welcome to the Roman village. Experience life in the time of the Romans together with Lego.

The temple can be seen from afar. Through the forest you come to the stairs of the village. There is a patrol making her way out of the village. The stairs lead up to the village center. The temple thrones on the little hill. The statues guard the temple. 2 residents meet for a conversation in front of the temple.

Passing the guard in front of the pantry, you come to the square. In the shade of the arbor, guests enjoy eating in the tavern. The owner is know for his good food.

The famous stone sculptor Nikolus is working on a new statue in the apartment. He is as hardworking as ever. His wife is enjoying a friut and is resting.

But the big secret of the village is hidden. Behind an inconspicuous door is a staircase to the basement of the temple. A guard guards the entrance. In the basement is the great leader of the Roman legion.

The temple houses a big secret. The way of the village lives there. She is at your side with advice. But only for a small gift. The leader wants to know how to decide soon. But the secret is no longer safe. A thief wants to punch through the stone to get the treasure.

The set has many secrets and can be played and can be played on from all sides. My idea came to me while watching a documentary. That's how I built this Roman village. Fun for young and old. The set consists of 2820 Lego bricks including the many minifigures.

I hope you like my idea. Thank you for your support and share it with your friends.

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