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Minecraft Story Mode: Rise of the Wither Storm


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"Nothing build can last forever, Gabriel!"

"Ivor, No!"

Lego Minecraft sets have been quite popular and, with the release and succes of Minecraft Story Mode, I thought, why not have a few sets so fans can play out their favourite scenes from the game?

Who could forget this iconic scene from Episode 1: The Order of the Stone? This is when Ivor (the bad guy) creates a Wither with a Command Block attached to its body, to wreak havok at EnderCon, as Gabriel the Warrior, and Jesse and his friends watch in horror as the Wither grows stronger and Ivor loses control over it.

This set comes with Jesse, Reuben, Olivia, Axel, Petra, Gabriel, Ivor and the Wither. I made the stage as accurate to the game as I could.

Note that Lego Digital Designer doesn't have the relatively new Minecraft pieces (block-shaped heads, swords, armour ect.), so I used other pieces to fill in for them. I trust that if this project reaches the Review (or if Lego adds Minecraft pieces to LDD) Lego will replace the character heads (and Gabriel's sword and armour) with their Minecraft pieces.

Thanks for looking at my project and I hope you like it! Support if you want Lego Minecraft Story Mode to become a reality!

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