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Foldable Italian Palace for Mini-Dolls

This is a rectangular dollhouse designed with foldable parts. It's the one I wish I had had when I was young! Easy to store and transport, it is based on a traditional 16x32 plate, but the rest of it is not that simple...
When it open it creates nice spaces and motivates the child to invent original senarios. Also it is easy to play with small hands in the house with the big openings.
I imagine it located in Itlay, more precisely in Venice or around Lake Cuomo. Lego Friends Mini-doll can stay in this historical building during a holiday for example.
All white, inventive bricks assemblies give it his facade identity. Differents floor patterns reflects materialities like wood or tiles and delimits the function of each space.
I wish you will also want to build and play with this italian palace! xoxo

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