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Red B Wing Prototype Star Wars Rebels


The red prototype B-Wing from the Star Wars Rebels series. It was created as a Lego Digital Designer file. I have built the model but these LDD pictures are great with the 'space' background. It uses existing pieces in existing colours, and is shown without any stickers.

I thought it would be an interesting project due to the complex curving design of the fuselages and their  integration with the engine unit.

A Hera Syndulla minifig comfortably fits within the cockpit. Other suggested minifigs are Sabine Wren, the Mon Calamari designer and engineer Quarrie and his gold astromech droid BG-81.

B-Wing, B Wing, Prototype, Star Wars, Rebels, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Quarrie, BG-81

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