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Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic vs. Shadow/ Showdown at Meh Burger!


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Greeting ladies and gentlemen. First off I, Henny would personally love to invite you to punch that support button and if it's not too much work to also follow :P . However, of course before I can give you the opportunity to do so, I have to give a small summary on my project: Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow vs. Sonic! I will begin by listing each Figure and a small summary. Thank you!

1. The main hero of team sonic, which of course is Sonic T. Hedgehog himself. He's blue and fast, but most importantly, he's cool! In the LEGO Dimension's new E3 trailer it reveals that Sega's Sonic theme will now be in LEGO form. Which is amazing and super exciting, and it at the same time gave me the idea of LEGO Meh Burger.

2. He's a hedgehog as well. He's also fast and cool, but he definitely isn't blue. You guessed it, Shadow the Hedgehog. His fur is the same color as his name and in his hair there are stripes of red. He is included along side his counterpart Sonic, for the reason that he was battling Sonic, where the episode takes place. And their fight was somewhere near Meh Burger, which is why I featured it as the main build of this project!

3. The bald, evil, and sinister scientist, Dr Eggman is also included in this set. He was in the scene of the fight and he dazed Shadow with a camera. (Which is why Shadow actually lost)

4. The most important person in the food industry (because Meh Burger is the only shop in that town:P ) as well as an official member of the Lightning Bolt Society, and a former fan of Eggman. Its, Dave the Intern. In this project he's wearing a hot dog suit, because that mostly fit him and he is just waiting there in the front of his shop for someone to buy a burger and chili dog!

Wow! That wasn't as easy then I thought it would be.

Now I guess, I'll review the build itself. Here goes something :P.

It all starts with one green base plate and then it builds up to 245 pieces! I included a tree on the left side of Meh Burger and three boxes on the right that say on it "Old dogs" and yes it has old dogs in it. :P Then for the main build itself, I tried to make as accurate as possible, and hopefully in your point of view, I did. I even used the Meh Burger Logo for the top of the shop. Thank you for spending your time reading this (if you even did) and please please please, support. I for one really want to play and add this set to my collection. Thank you! Please have a great day.



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