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Heavy Micro Trains


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The heaviest cargo wagons in the world in micro scale: a torpedo wagon and a Schnabel car
Compare the size of these wagons with the locomotives: It is absurd… That they really exist!

The trains stand on a realistic track.
As can be seen in the pics, several configurations are possible.

A torpedo wagon is really big and has 18 axles. It weighs 210 tons net and carries 160 tons of hot liquid steel.
The Schnabel car is even bigger and has 32 axles. It’s used for heavy loads which are too high for flatbed cars. Such as large transformers and ship engines.

Brick count: 2012 (this can be minimized to approx.. 1300 by deleting bridge and grass)
A Single track is 64 studs long (=512 mm)

For more info on torpedo wagons see my other (expired) project

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