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The Lonely Cottage


Only 10 days left!

Only 10 days left!

Thanks for all the support so far, unfortunately it's not looking too good for The Lonely Cottage.

Just want to say thank you all for the support and the great feedback. Much appreciated.


200 SUPPORTERS! Keep it up!

We’re getting there! 200 supporters!!! Thanks heaps to everyone who has supported so far, and a special thanks to those who shared this project, too! To celebrate 200, here is another new image of The Lonely Cottage in the wild!


100 SUPPORTERS! WOO-HOO! - New Images

In under 10 days, The Lonely Cottage has achieved 100 supporters! Thank you everyone who supported this project, and please share! Special thanks to HojnyOficerTraktor for being the 100th supporter!

Since this project has gotten 100 supporters, There is a new image of The Lonely Cottage in the outdoors!

Thanks again for the support!

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