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Graduation Brickheadz

Hello Lego Fans,
This is a model of four Brickheadz from a graduation ceremony. There are two guys and two girls. One guy and girl are wearing their graduation robes over their dress clothes, while the other guy and girl are wearing the dress clothes they are wearing under their graduation robes.
I envision this set similar to the Go Brick Me and Bride and Groom Lego Brickheadz sets; thus, the set will allow the builder to change the hair and skin color, and add glasses, moustaches, and beards to their models. This is the reason that the four different models have different hair and skin colors, one has glasses, and one has a moustache. (Note: none of the Brickheadz have a beard, but this will be one of the options for this set).
This set will come with either two or four Brickheadz. If it comes with two, it will come with one guy and one girl, and the builder will choose which outfits the Brickheadz will be wearing. If it comes with four, it will come with two guys and two girls that can be built in both their graduation robes and their dress clothes. Additionally, if need be, this set can be split into two sets, one of the guy and the other of the girl, and either make one or two Brickheadz. If the sets have one, the builder will have to choose which outfit their Brickheadz character will be wearing; if they have two, the builder can build the Brickheadz in both of their outfits.
I think this would make a great set for those graduates and soon-to-be graduates, one that Lego has not thought of yet. This set would make a great display piece as well.

Update: Here are some images of the individual Brickheadz from the left side, the right side, and the rear. This pictures will give you a better idea of what each Brichheadz model looks like.

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