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Carmen Miranda - BrickHeadz

Carmen Miranda - BrickHeadz

For the next artist whose work influenced me, BrickHeadz, I knew I wanted a bright, bold look. Who better to capture that than the Portuguese-born Brazilian singer, dancer, and film star, Carmen Miranda. 

“The lady in the tutti-frutti hat” got her start making hats in a boutique before performing on Brazilian radio, then in Brazilian chanchadas. As she became more famous, popularizing the Afro-Brazilian Baiana look, she found her way to Broadway and Hollywood. 

Her American film career took off in the 1940s, with 1945 being the year she took the title of highest-paid woman in the United States. She spread Brazilian and Latin culture throughout the world via her passion for song, style, and samba. Hopefully BrickHeadz Carmen Miranda can do the same for your bookshelf.

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