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Psych: The Psych Office


Welcome, Brick Fans to my Psych Project!!

This project is based on USA's Show Psych and its base on a particular episode called Santabaratown Part 2. The episode features Shawn and Gus in trouble, where their Santabara police friends came to the rescue. The project has one office, two police vehicles, red storage, drone and six minifigures. The Psych Office can open up, by taking off the roof and sliding both halves of the office. There are a lot of detail and hidden pineapples. The minifigures are Shawn Spencer, Burtin Guster(Gus), Juliet O'Hara, Carlton Lassiter, Karen Vick, and last but least Woody the coroner.


Help Shawn and Gus they're in trouble! Sent the drone and save the day from the stinky situation!

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