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Folding Chess Set

For Christmas I made this little chess set in LEGO Digital Designer. It has pieces that fit on a 3x3 grid, and fold into the bottom of the set. I solicited feedback on the set on and received some comments that helped me refine the set. After getting it made and shipped, I'm currently working on Rev 2, which is currently unavailable at Design by Me, due to parts being out of stock. I'm hoping they stock them before closing. The set contains about 600 pieces, so we might expect a set to be priced at about 60$.

Isometric view of the Rev 1 board as setup to play a game. Revision 1 cantilevered some pieces in the support structure which made it difficult to build. It also lacked a latching mechanism.I'm very happy with the appearance of the pieces, though I'll still listen to feedback, and the bishop's tops are a bit wider than I'd like.

Revision 2 has a support structure made from medium grey, instead of dark grey. This allows for a slightly different selection of bricks, and a stronger hinge based on the hinge plate rather than the hinge bricks. The space inside the folded board is larger, which should make it easier to pack all the pieces.The yellow pieces on the ends of the board can be used as a latch to hold the folded board shut.Note the tiling pattern is also different, tiling the board this way uses 64 fewer pieces and costs 10 dollars less on Design by Me. I'd expect it would change the price of a set by a smaller amount.

Here's the detail on the Rev Two Latching system. It's shown in the unfolded and the latched configuration. Ssorg suggested I review the design here, so I thought I'd do a bit of a study in LDD.

Here's my response to Ssorg's comments. The brick he suggested isn't available in LDD, so I tried to generate a similar 3D effect. I like this latch a bit better, but I worry trying to pull the 1x4 plate which doesn't have the step at its base that the tile has. Also LDD doesn't have all the pieces I need in stock. I'm still hoping to order another set before it closes this month. I guess as it gets down to the wire, I'll just order with what I can get and turn to brick-link for the rest.

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