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Lego Kingdoms Tavern

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This is my fully furnished tavern for the Lego Kingdoms series! The set also comes apart in halves and features and upstairs bedroom, fireplace, fully stocked bar with 2 tables, and great windows and roofing. Please support my medieval tavern!

This tavern was built in halves and is connected by a single pin. This allows you to have a great view of the interior!

I used tiles on the bedroom roof in order to allow the roof to come off very easily and see the bedroom. The bedroom includes a chest, nightstand, and a simple bed.

You can see the staircase leading to the tavern keepers bedroom as well as the bedrooms window looking down on the guests. This is also a great shot of the bar, with the mugs hanging from the ceiling and the keg on the bar. You can also see the shelves of clean glasses and mugs in the background as well as some barrels in storage. You can't see it very well but I put another barrel underneath the staircase.

I was really proud of the chandelier design in this section, you can also see where the pin that connects the two halves fits.

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