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Medieval Market Street

Wondering what life in a big trade town was like in the middle ages? Look no further than the "Medieval Market Street"! This advanced-level build features a busy market flanked by four detailed medieval houses; each three stories high with unique architecture! Buildings include (from left to right) blacksmith, pub, stables, and a Sheriff's residence. The market itself features market stands, shops and vendors/customers!

The Medieval Market Street features advance building techniques in masonry, wood-work, stucco, roof-building, stained glass, pavement and accessory building! The buildings have partial interiors.

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The market stalls: Farmers, bakers, fruit salesmen and fishermen come to the busy market to sell their goods.

Building detail: The buildings feature elaborate techniques to allow for lots of varying angles, elevations and a realistic medieval design!

The Sheriff's Residence is guarded by spearmen, and features advance masonry techniques and angles.

The Market Street (An alternative angle)

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