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The Modern Country-Side House

The Modern Country-Side House captures the contemporary living at a Scandinavian vacation house. Here the family can get away from the bustling city to relax, play, and enjoy nature and outdoor life. This is where old and new meet: the retro LP player is experiencing a revival, while the brand new sports car and the scooter are taken care of in the spotless garage.

This is my first Lego Ideas contribution, and I hope you will enjoy it! The set depicts a summer house not as a nostalgic simple-life cabin, but as a modern and well-equipped house, presumably complementing the small city apartment of an urban family. The Modern Country-side House consists of a main house, a garage, a sports car, and a garden with a patio, with a total of about 1200 LEGO pieces. The main roof can be folded away to an upright position, and the second-floor bedroom can be easily lifted away to reach the living room.

Most effort has been spent on the overall impression and the playable and fun details, like for example the well-equipped kitchen, the small shoe-stand and the cap at the entrance, the LP records and the pool table at the second floor bedroom, the gadgets and tool-set in the garage, and the ski-pole flowers at the front.

I hope you will enjoy this Lego Ideas set as much as I do!

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