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Flying Hovercraft


Imagine flying in a hovercraft through Lego City.  Past the Police Station, past the Fire Department, past the airport, and past the boat dock.   In a far, far land, an advanced world of Lego City where anything can happen.   Imagine flying in a hovercraft with the wind blowing your Lego hair.    

The hovercraft can be offered in different colors.   The design is 3 seats, 1 driver and 2 passengers, in a vertical row.  Two jet engines propel the hovercraft at multiple speeds.  Red tail lights provide safety. Headlights allow for night hover transportation.   A windshield protects the driver's visibility.  1 Door allows for easy entry and exit for the driver and passengers.    The driver comes with the hovercraft and comes with the required helmet as the hovercraft is an open air vehicle.

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