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The Everything Workshop


Today, I give you all the Everything Workshop! In it, you can make or work on anything you want in here, from jewelry to the mechanics of a truck! It has everything you need - a toolbox, a computer, various stones, a jar for knick-knacks, glue, a crab shell (hey, you never know!), paint for painting the house, a cabinet for extra tools, even a mannequin for modeling whatever clothing articles you craft. This workshop is out in the middle of nowhere, so you can work without disturbances. This set also comes with two vehicles (a truck and a motorcycle), one minifigure, and a dog. It even opens thanks to a pair of 1*2 hinge bricks so you can see inside. I built this around Father's Day, and the idea came when I asked my dad what he would want if he could have anything as a Lego set. Of course, he said, "a workshop for everything", and that's what I did. I even made the minifigure that comes with this resemble my dad, and I dedicate every bit of this idea to him and all he has done. As for why this would be a cool set, this idea is intended to honor creativity and imagination, the very reason that Lego lives. Plus, the vibrant colors and rarer pieces (like the crab, the dog, and the clear minifigure head I used as a jar) would help builders everywhere fortify their brick collections.

Anyways, enjoy this set and be sure to support to get this to 10,000 supporters!
Thank you for your consideration!

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