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Road Train

A Road train is a trucking vehicle to move freight on the road. It consists of two or more trailers or semi-trailers hauled by a semi truck. Operating on all major highways, but more importantly, delivering all kinds of goods all the way into the deepest stretches of the Australian outback. They are the lifeline of Australia’s economy.

More then 20 years ago during my travels throughout Australia, I had the pleasure of sharing the road with these massive vehicles. From livestock to mining equipment, fuel or any other essential goods, anything being transported on the roads “Down Under” is hauled on these trucks. From people, on the move, some just put their house on a truck with its entire contents. One time at a gas station I met one of those trucks, a fuel tanker, 5 trailer combo, 80 meters long, 18 axles, rolling on 78 wheels. You better step out of the way when you face a guy like that on the road!

My Lego build is a much smaller version of the encounter with this road train I had that day. It’s a fuel tanker, B- trailer combination pulled by a semi truck. Placed into any Lego scene, it is no less intimidating than the real thing.

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