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~~Visit a traditional fishing harbour. The harbour comes complete with:
• Lighthouse – which has a light that rotates. The overall style of the lighthouse picks up on aspects of the Hercules lighthouse in spain.
• Fish Market – complete with two types of fish and crabs for sale
• Harbour master’s cottage – with detailed dining kitchen, bathroom and lounge with a sofa-bed
• Visitor centre – with desk and information displays in addition to exhibits of the maritime and fishing history of the harbour
• Rooftop veranda for picnics and great views
• Clock tower
• Four different boats – three moored and one about to leave the harbour. One is a private sailing boat, two are commercial trawlers and one is a rowing boat.
• 12 minifigures
• Bicycle
• Cat – who is trying to get the fish caught by fishermen on the lighthouse pier
• Seagulls
Note: In some harbours the speed limit is 6knots – hence the 6 on the pier.

The cottage and visitor centre have detailed interiors and are detailed all around the model. They also have modular roofs to aid play. Also all of the buildings have been added to the model as stand-alone structures with their own bases so they can be rearranged around the harbour structure if desired or if Lego wished they could be sold as a collection to reduce the one time cost.

Overall the model has just under 3000 bricks and would fit within the area of four 48x48 base plates. The lighthouse is 25 bricks high.

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