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The End of an Adventure

A century has passed since embarking on an adventure. What once stood as a shelter for the weary and heavy laden traveler now all the remains is the ruins of a shelter in a once bustling village. Nature has reclaimed the land and filled it with splendor; A field of flowers overflow the land.

This is my third diorama and is heavily inspired by the show "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End". I love scenery that depicts dilapidated ruins reclaimed by nature. It is a scene depicting a building that has become dilapidated and now only stands as ruins surrounded by a field of flowers. A lone tree carcass stands off to the side. The field of flowers provides a nice foreground contrast to the otherwise stone grey ruined structure.

I wanted to design and build this diorama because I love scenery depicting ruined structures standing alone in nature. Lone castle ruins tucked away in a forest somewhere or a former chapel that has lost all visual glory is really interesting to me. The scene from the show that inspired this diorama invoked in me a feeling of simultaneous sadness for the main character as she realizes her journey with her party of close fiends has come to an end yet also happiness for her as she pushes forward and realizes a new adventure with new friends await. I wanted to capture the essence of that show in this moc.

I hope you all enjoy this project as much as I do. I think it would make a great display piece to have on my shelves. I love designing and making diorama pieces because it lets me display certain scenery that I don't otherwise can have. Also building a ruins structure is very exciting to me as it lets me see different unique ways a building can look lost to time thousands of years later. Not every ruins structure will look the same and this one is of a design that most of it has been lost, but only some of the foundation remains. Coming up with the wild field of flowers was pretty fun as well as I had to almost randomly decide where to place the flowers. Originally I had one flower model, but as it was pointed out by a kind fellow Lego enthusiast, it was not visually appealing. I decided to alter it and make 3 different flower models for each color group. There are now 9 different flower sub-models. I dare say that decision has elevated the design. Overall, I would very much enjoy building this set for real and not just in digital.

  • A visually stunning diorama of a ruined building surrounded by an overgrown field of flowers
  • Baseplate area is 32 x32 studs with the border being 2 studs
  • Does not include any minifigures
  • Uses some moderately difficult techniques such as SNOT to create a broken wall face where the outer brick has fallen off revealing the layer beneath. Also, used to create more visually appealing methods of showing a wall section being destroyed.
  • Ruins structure sits on a base that is connected to a turn table that is rotated at a 45 degree angle
  • Dead tree intentionally made in a white color to indicate that it belongs to a world from high-fantasy
  • As the structure is grey it should contrast well to most wall colors in your room

Finally, if you like this project, please consider supporting it and help spread the word :)

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