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Bestia Ex Machina - Transforming Animal Vehicles


Unleash the Beasts!

Bestia Ex Machina is my idea for a new Lego set with potential to expand. It features three young STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) heads who find an alien device that can transform living beings into energy to power up vehicles. An accompanying message reveals that it belongs to aliens called the Skeletic who use it on civilisations and use their energy as computers. The message instructs the three to use the machine's last three charges to energise three animals to help them protect the Earth. The nearest animals are a tiger, cheetah and lion in the zoo. They each possess a vehicle and together with the three teens, they help protect the world.

Emma and SabreCAT

Emma is heavily into computer engineering and electronics. She pilots SabreCAT, a tiger possessing a construction crane with massive strength and armour. SabreCAT can boost her power and swap her hook for a laser cannon or a wrecking ball.

Daniel and Stripes

Daniel is a car nerd obsessed with going fast as long as it's not his legs propelling him. He pilots Stripes, a cheetah possessing a supercar with insane speed. Stripes can boost and gain a pair of rockets on his rear indicators to propel him even faster.

Leon and Skymane

Leon is a physics and flight master who is the unofficial leader of the team. He pilots Skymane, a lion possessing an experimental fighter jet with great aerodynamics and agility. Skymane can boost to gain flight and extra manoeuvrability in his lion form as well.

Skeletic Fighters

The Skeletic use pilotless fighters imbued with the energy of a Skeletic soldier. This means they can make tactical decisions without a pilot but they lose the strength and ferocity of the animals.

The Energised Animals

The energised animals are represented by transparent China heads and can be attached to their vehicles on special spots indicated by jumper plates.

The Beast Bikes

As well as possessing the vehicles, the animals can empower the three's bicycles turning them into super fast motorbikes with similar powers to the vehicles.


The three teens' minifigures are uniquely designed and the set includes one of each. It also includes a couple of Skeletic Soldiers.


The set includes:

  • SabreCAT
  • Stripes
  • Skymane
  • 2-3 Skeletic Fighters
  • Emma
  • Daniel
  • Leon
  • 2-3 Skeletic Soldiers (1 for each Fighter)

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