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High-Hood GP38 Train Set


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Introducing the High-Hood GP38 Train Set!

Ever since Electro-Motive Diesel introduced them in the year 1966, GP38 locomotives have become a staple in railroading in North America. For fifty-five years, these "general-purpose" diesel locomotives have served railroads across the nation, from hauling trains for the mighty Union Pacific, to switching cars on minor short-lines.

Today, GP38 locomotives are still serving North America, humbly switching and hauling freight from place to place, from the common hi-cube boxcar, to the occasional caboose.

How it came together...

I was really inspired by the geeps and SD45 locomotives that reside in Allen Park, Michigan, a place I visit quite often. Of course, I'm always excited by the sight of a train, but there's something charming about seeing a geep, especially one of the high-hooded varieties. In conclusion...yeah, I like trains.

Project Description:

This small train set is 1,173 pieces. It includes a red, white, and medium stone grey, Brick Line Railroad high-hood GP38 locomotive, a sand blue, North Brick & Western hi-cube box car, and a bright orange, Brick Line Railroad caboose. The locomotive and its two pieces of rolling-stock have lifting roofs that reveal compact, yet useable interior spaces.

The cupola of the caboose even has a small space for a crew member to sit in to carefully watch the boxcar's trucks! Speaking of crew members, this set includes a male engineer and a female conductor.

Lastly, as you probably guessed, this set is compatible with Powered Up. Swap some sections of the locomotive with a hub and a train motor, and the geep is ready to run for the Brick Line Railroad!

Finally! A conclusion!

Thank you all so much for viewing this little project. If you have read the entire description up to this point, wow, are you patient! Please feel free to express your opinion(s) about this project in the description section above. Have a great day, everyone, and take care!

This project submitted to LEGO Ideas by Joseph cheeseinthepie on August 29th, 2021.

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