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Night at the Museum


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This is my model of the scene from The Night at The Museum.  This scene shows the museum itself with tons of details. First, enter through the big double doors with 1x1 studs for handles.  Second, visit the front desk, with a rotating chair for employees to sit in, and the big spinning globe in the background. And last, but not least, check out all the cool historic scenes for visitors to look at.

Here are the names of the minifigures:

Larry Daley, Sacagawea, Ahkmenrah, Theodore Roosevelt, and the tricky trickster, Dexter the monkey.


In this scene Larry is holding his flashlight and his keys to the museum. Theodore Roosevelt is holding a sword up, while he is riding on his horse will some equipment on it's the side.  


Sacagawea is in a scene with a lot of plants and trees surrounding her. Dexter is hanging from a tree branch in his jungle scene with 2 trees and some plants.  Ahkmenrah is in his sarcophagus with some symbols on it . Also, the sarcophagus can open to reveal Ahkmenrah as a mummy.  And finally, Theodore Roosevelt and his horse are standing on a stand.

Thank you for taking the time to view this project!

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