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Heroica Barresh Settlements


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The heroica Barresh Settlements is a great addition set to your heroica sets you already have. it will attach to Castle Fortaan, And Nathuz. This Lego game has 4 barbarian tents, 2 snowy boulders, a fire pit, bones, and snow piles for details.

The Hero's in this set is the barbarian, the wizard, and the new warrior hero. same rules apply for the wizard, and barbarian's special move as in the other games. The warriors special move is to move up one space and defeat ALL adjacent monsters.


the enemies are:

Goblin Warrior: 1 strength

Brigand Warrior: 2 strength/ if you have gold, and you are defected by it, then you loss one health and one gold piece. But if you have no gold then just loss two health.

Wraith Lord: 3 strength


the items are:

Gold: rules apply the same

Life Potion: regain 2 health

Freeze Potion: use with adjacent monster and move up 2 spaces behind the monster without defeating it (it is like you freeze the monster and walk past him in reality)

snow pile: same rules apply as rocks in nathuz

Ice staff of frostiness: the new relic (same rules apply as freeze potion)


And that is all. I just want to thank the supporters of this set in the future, and please support if you want to bring back Heroica! 





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