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The Desert Prince


Bandits have stolen a treasure chest from the sultan. The sultan's son, a young brave prince, is desperate to recover the stolen treasure, alongside his most trusted bodyguard and best friend. After a few days tracking, our two heroes find the bandits lair. They are using the old watchtower as their base of operations, but what they don't know is that the prince played here often in his younger years and that there's a hidden cave behind the fireplace through which the prince an his friend can get to the treasure chest without being noticed. Now all they have to do is take the chest to their horses, close the entrance to the cave and be on their way back to the sultan's palace, leaving the bandits astonished.


  • The arabian-style watchtower is based on a 16x32 base plate and measures 45 cm tall.
  • It is made with approximately 1100 pieces
  • 5 minifigures, 3 horses, 2 chickens and 1 grey eagle
  • There's a hidden cave accessable through the fireplace or a hidden door in the rocks outside the tower
  • the back of the tower opens up, showing a spiral staircase inside

I made this tower inspired by the stories from Aladin (not the Disney-version), Ali Baba and Sinbad which I read as a young boy. I also like the architecture and culture from the north-African and arabian region and have been on several trips to Turkey and Egypt.

I think this tower is a great idea for a stand-alone product and will appeal to children from +/-8 years, to teenagers, to adults who also like the desert-theme building. 

I hope you like the watchtower and be one of the 9999 supporters! Thanks!


PS: English is not my native language so I apologize for any spelling mistakes :)