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LEGOREDO Stagecoach

The Idea

The Wild West was a dangerous place to live and an even more dangerous place to travel through! The Great Plains were endless and the railroad had not yet connected the east and the west. Towns were small and far apart and all travellers were in constant danger of being ambushed by outlaws and bandits! But what good would a beautiful Wild West town like LEGOREDO be, if there was no safe and convenient way to travel there?

There is an easy solution to this problem: I present to you the "LEGOREDO Stagecoach" the fastest horse-drawn carriage in the west! Just hop in and enjoy the ride! No stagecoach is safer! No stagecoach is faster!

The Build

The "LEGOREDO Stagecoach" is based on real life historic stagecoaches that were used to travel through the Wild West, before the rise of steam-powered rail transport! Subsequently, both the build's shape and the red and yellow colour scheme are a combination of the look of a real life stagecoach and the more playful and child-friendly classic LEGO look!

The build consists of the main stagecoach, 2 stagecoach employees, 2 passengers, 2 horses, the passengers' luggage and many typical Wild West accessories!

The stagecoach has two fully openable doors and a removable roof to allow easy access to the interior. Inside the stagecoach you can comfortably seat 4 minifigures with accessories. In the very front of the cart there are two more seats for the coachman and the bodyguard riding shotgun. On top of the stagecoach there is more than enough space for the passengers' luggage and in the back of the cart there is a trunk with even more storage room!

The "LEGOREDO Stagecoach" consists of 420 pieces and comes with 4 minifigures and 2 horses!
  1. An old and grumpy coachman
  2. A fearless bodyguard
  3. A retired army colonel
  4. A mysterious female gunfighter
Length: 24.3 cm
Height: 12.5 cm
Width: 8.3 cm

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