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Crow Mansion

All is still in Crow Mansion. In the kitchen, a stew is simmering on the stove. This evening, the countess is returning from her travels. From the ground floor to the attic, Crow Mansion is full of treasures from the four corners of the world.

This large mansion's hinges open like a doll's house revealing a kitchen with fireplace and wood-burning stove, a living room with a piano and grandfather clock, a library with the family's coat of arms and a knight's armour. A bedroom with rare jewels and perfume, and attic with countless treasures and finds from past adventures.

I built this model because I like to work with small details and this model is a sum of all the small details. On the exterior, I particularly like the stone-engraved roses either side of the window. Inside, my favourite detail is the almost-empty jam jar in the kitchen.

This set would make a nice present as a statement piece for a living room; however, it would be a shame if no one ever gets to play with it, so it shouldn't just sit on the shelf.

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